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Next-gen LED Grow Light

Growing plants indoors has never been as safe and easy with the ER series. The ER1800 is a versatile top mounted grow light that emits the right spectrum for your plants.

Key Features

  • Highly efficient heat sink with a state-of-the-art fanless design (Patented)
  • Super-light weight – 1.25 Kg
  • Extremely water-resistant – IP67 rating
  • Self contained suspension and remote height adjustment control system
  • Achieve higher yield per watt consumed with superior light distribution efficiency resulting in maximum yield at minimum power consumption
  • Grow a variety of plant species under one roof
  • Quality materials designed to last
  • Designed and made in Australia and certified to all relevant standards


  • SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) output, no high voltage AC in grow Area
  • Maximum power consumption 20 – 150 Watts
  • Built in Short Circuit, Over Voltage, Over Temperature protection
  • Integral PFIC (Photon Flux Intensity Control)
  • Basic kit starts at PPF258 (easily expanded, if required, up to PPF 1032)


  • Operates from to -300 to +500c
  • Low radiant heat with zero IR facilitates improved PPFD

Optical Specifications

  • PPF 258 (μmol/s) in PAR(400 to 700nm)
  • Photon Efficiency: 1.72 μmol/j
  • In situ delivered PPFD (See Photon maps)
  • Borosilicate glass lens with 600, 900, & 1200 options
  •  CoB engineered to deliver the precise wavelengths needed to maximise crop yield
  • Using our specialised mix of blue and red colours on a blended spectrum chip, results in a visible purple spectra which is proven to stimulate rapid growth

For more information on these metrics, please see our “Knowledge Center”



 The LED and Driver modules are provided with a warranty of five years against manufacturing defects or failure to perform to specifications provided that, installation has been carried out in accordance with these instructions and said components have not been subjected to incorrect operation or maintenance, unauthorised disassembly or modification or any other damage arising from an intervening cause. Refer to full warranty document on website for more detail.





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