FUSION (Model SL70) TWIN LED GROW LIGHT BAR KIT (Blended Vege/Flower Purple Spectrum)



Next-gen LED Grow Light Bar

Spectrah horticulture LED grow light bars have been formulated for use throughout the entire growth cycle and easily configured to fit any grow space. The Spectrah custom purple LED light spectrum has been specifically designed to maximise yield and proven to stimulate rapid growth.

Spectrah LED grow bars are a form of supplemental lighting enabling you to achieve a higher yield by lighting under the plant canopy. Spectrah LED grow lights are fully adjustable grow lights, meaning the lights are able to be lowered while the plants are juvenile, and raised up as they begin to grow. The adjustment mechanism is able to be located on the exterior of the tent, enabling you to change the height of the light quickly and easily, without disturbing the plant.

As an energy efficient LED grow light, this light has a patented fanless cooling design, meaning there is no need for cooling fans to keep the temperature consistent. This is a safer approach to indoor growing as there is a lower fire danger compared to traditional non-led horticulture set-ups.

The lights also feature hot circuit, over-voltage, over temperature protection as an added safety feature.

All Spectrah LED grow lights are proudly designed and assembled in Australia.

Key features:

  • 60 watt LED grow light
  • Fanless cooling
  • Lightweight design
  • Water resistant LED light
  • Adjustable LED grow light
  • Maximise yield by lighting under canopy
  • Operates from -30 to +50



The LED and Driver modules are provided with a warranty of five years against manufacturing defects or failure to perform to specifications provided that, installation has been carried out in accordance with these instructions and said components have not been subjected to incorrect operation or maintenance, unauthorised disassembly or modification or any other damage arising from an intervening cause. Refer to full warranty document on website for more detail.



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